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Anti Rayap ( metode umpan Sentricon® ) / Termite Control with Sentricon®

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Specification:Sentricon ® Technical Overview
1. Features / Benefits of the system
2. System Installation
Termite Biology
3. How to eliminate the termite colony bait
4. Sentricon ® global status

Chemical Barrier
A chemical barrier installed to prevent entry of termites into the structure of meals but does not eliminate the termite colony ( ie, foraging around the structure)

1. Termite colony elimination
monitoring> constantly
2. Dow AgroSciences authorization program
3. Very low mammalian toxicity
4. Small amount needed for the elimination of the colony hexaflumuron
5. Temple used ONLY when termites are detected
6. No drilling required interior floor
7. Flexible placement station

1. Eliminated the threat of structural damage
2. Continuous protection Structure
3. Trained and professional pest control technician
4. Little impact on the environment
- First U. S. Reducing Risks EPA registration status
1. Less disturbing than the barrier treatment
2. Compatible with the landscape

Sentricon ® Station Components

1. In soil Station
- Plastics with the station entrance slit for wood termite monitoring device
- Top cap with lock
- Matrix of the temple with the device in a tube bait hexaflumuron

2. Identify and examine the structure must be protected
3. Identify active or possible areas of investment activity
4. Identify areas conducive to termite activity

Checking Monitoring Tool
1. Be prepared to do the Self-Recruitment
2. Check stations periodically in accordance
3. After removing the cap on, remove the monitoring device and look for termite activity.

1. Above-ground Station
- Plastic boxes with openings for the entry of termites
- Temple of the matrix with hexaflumuron
• Two times the feed tube of the device in-ground bait
2. To be placed on active termite infestations

How Insects molt
1. Insects have a cuticle which provides:
- Support
- Protection
- Prevent the loss of water

When hexaflumuron is digested by the termites, it inhibits the enzyme-chitin synthetase
- This is to prevent the formation of new cuticle before molting
- Termites can not grow due to trapped-old later died cuticle

Responsible for more than 95% of the damage structures in Southeast Asia

1. The Sentricon ® System is commercially available in many Asian countries
2. It is designed to eliminate the termite colony with a very small amount of chemical
available> What' s most environmentally friendly and effective technology
3. Trained and professional pest control people is the key to success

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